Ability to Edit Questions from Keyword Search Option

Posted by on September 17th, 2018

PrepPath is excited to announce a new feature to better help teachers. The Keyword search option has always allowed users to quickly find questions they need, but now they can also edit the questions right from this search.

Users can click on the Keyword Search tile and then will see four buttons at the top of the keyword search window. The first button, Questions allows you to search for questions based on your keyword. Exams/Assignments is used to search for titles of exams or already existing assignments that contain this specific keyword. The Standards button, will allow them to search by a specific standard.

Users can then view a individual question before adding it to your assignment by clicking anywhere in the preview window. Click on the down arrows to view additional information about the question. They then have the option to add this question to the user’s assignment or to close the preview window.  

Users will then notice the buttons below each preview window; Add, Properties and Edit-Add. Users can look at the properties of the question then add it to their assignment.  Now they can also select Edit-Add.

This will allow them to be able to edit the question on the Question Editor page. Once they have edited the question it can be added into the assignment.  

PrepPath is always continuing to create ways to improve each educators experience and this new function will save time and help teachers create the assignments to best help their students achieve.  


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