Blended Learning: Becoming Future Ready in the Adult Classroom

Posted by on May 29th, 2019

The educational landscape continues to evolve thanks to the current state of technology. New tools have become essential in ensuring students are equipped to succeed in a tech based workforce. Adult learners need to be future ready so when they reach their current goals of earning a diploma, they can also be ready to continue their learning and developing their skills in their careers.

Blended Learning is a key strategy in creating a future ready adult classroom. Blended Learning opens the door to technology in the classroom as students find their instruction and activities melded with online programs and resources. It’s not just that students use technology to learn in the classroom, but they become the drivers of their education. The model allows for students to take a hands on approach to discovering, practicing and mastering their new skills.  Teachers set the students on their path and have real time results thanks to the online programs the students are all using. The teachers can monitor students and guide them along the way, but the student is in control of the content and instruction.

For the adult learner, this type of learning helps them gain valuable work-ready skills. The students gain confidence in using technology and are trained to be able to take ownership of their work and learning. These are valuable skills that will translate beyond the classroom.  

For many adult learners, there are obstacles that may hinder them from returning to the classroom. For some it’s the memory of struggles they may have had in the past. Blended Learning gives them a new perspective on learning and puts the keys to their success in their own hands. They can directly see how their learning is changing their abilities and readying them for their futures.

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