Budgeting Time To Study: How to Help Students with Time Management

Posted by on November 6th, 2018

For adult learners, finding the time to study and prepare for their classes can be especially challenging. Work and family obligations and responsibilities take up a lot of their time outside the classroom, so it’s crucial for the teacher to help them not only learn the material, but how to best budget their time for studying.  

Time management is a skill onto itself, and it requires practice. Have students follow these steps to best take advantage of the limited time they have to best succeed in their studies.


Plan Ahead

Encourage students to keep a daily and weekly calendar. This can be done digitally online or on paper. Have students block out times they have other events or responsibilities and see when they can realistically study. Once those times are secure, they can start determining what they want to accomplish in those study time blocks.  



When there isn’t an abundance of time available, it’s vital for students to analyze the work they need to complete. There may be concepts they need to spend more time on as they’ve yet to fully grasp them. Encourage students to work on these areas first. Save smaller assignments or reviewing material they have a stronger handle on, for after they’re worked through these more difficult areas. This will ensure they are spending their time efficiently.  


Avoid Procrastination

When time is limited, it’s essential to do one’s studying and work as soon as possible. This means the temptation to procrastinate by making alternate plans or going online, or spending time on social media need to be resisted. It’s very easy to get off track.  Prioritizing study time for studying needs to be the rule.


Don’t Panic

Finally, no matter what curveballs a student may encounter as they plan and attempt to execute their studying, make sure students keep in mind that panicking will never help. Have students practice mindfulness breathing exercises if they are feeling overwhelmed and seem to be falling off track. Remaining calm will be the best tactic to getting back on track. It’s okay to make mistakes and the goal should be to budget their time to the best of their abilities. This means being prepared for when the plan changes.


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