Celebrate Small Successes on the Path to Your HSE Diploma

Posted by on December 15th, 2016

Seeking high school equivalency (HSE) certification is a tremendous undertaking that requires significant commitment. Students often have the end goal of achieving the diploma, but the achievement seems quite far off.

While pursuing such monumental goals, it is not uncommon for people to miss meaningful achievements along the way. The absence of these milestones can make the journey seem more daunting and dull. In these cases, the journey feels much longer. By taking the time to revel in the small successes, the ultimate goal feels more attainable. Among the ways to celebrate the small successes on the path to ultimate HSE diploma success are:


  • Recognize the Effort: When a student hits a specific target along his path to success, spend time recognizing the effort. Acknowledge how much work they have put in by saying, “You’ve worked so hard.”
  • Demonstrate Success Over Time: Spend time showing students how far they have come over a specific period of time. This allows the students to see that their steady work is indeed producing results. Their continued progress will allow them to achieve their ultimate goal.
  • Provide Examples of Overcoming Challenges: Undoubtedly, adult students will face numerous challenges as they pursue their diplomas. Spend time occasionally reflecting on the previous challenges the students have overcome. This reflection will serve as a reminder of their strength and capabilities to persevere even in the face of adversity.
  • Share a Success: Provide a platform for students to share their success. This activity can be done verbally within the class, or written to someone they would like to share their accomplishment with. Sharing encourages students to recognize their own success and ensure that they are among the first to provide due recognition to others.
  • Start a Success Journal or Jar: Encourage students to write down each step of their successes. Writings can be kept in detail as a journal chronicling all of the events and efforts surrounding each individual feat. You could also keep written accomplishments on tabs in a jar. When students need a bit more encouragement, they can refer back to their success journal or pull a detail out of the jar as motivation to keep moving forward.


Celebrating small successes while working towards big goals is important. It gives learners ways to acknowledge success more immediately rather than waiting until the big goal is achieved. From sharing the success to keeping a record of accomplishments, students have a way to take ownership for their progress. Honoring the milestones proverbially shortens the distance between the starting point and end success by shifting the focus from the blurry finish line in the distance to enjoying the sights along the way.

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