Emerging Educational Technologies

Posted by on September 22nd, 2015

Technology is ever evolving with new introductions and updates being released as often as every 90 days, sometimes faster. From products, to programs, to gaming, technology is making an indelible impression on education. A few of the most popular emerging educational technologies are: tablets, virtual labs, cloud computing, gaming and wearable technology.


Tablet Computing

The days of textbooks, binders and notebooks are becoming few and far between as educational institutions embrace tablet computing. Students are able to download textbooks and class materials directly to the device.

As a result of the mobile nature, students are able to access their materials anywhere and with ease. Students are also able to take notes and record instruction on the mobile devices, making information available in multiple formats.


Virtual & Remote Labs

Virtual labs are a rising technological trend offering students a greater level of flexibility within the laboratory setting. Students are able to repeatedly perform experiments within a safely controlled environment. In addition, students are able to more accurately capture and record outcomes. Remote labs also provide learners with a broader collaborative setting to produce work.  Virtual labs are most commonly used for science, mathematics and writing.


Cloud Computing

Prior to cloud computing, information was stored on computers, disks and drives. The emergence of cloud computing has made information easily accessible from just about anywhere. Cloud computing has also expanded the amount of information that can be stored in one place. It greatly enhances collaboration as users are able to share information across platforms and in real time. Notes and documents can be accessed and updated by a number of users simultaneously.



Game-based learning has been around for a while. Its continuous evolution has grown into a range of offerings from basic concept introduction with game boards and pieces to full-blown graphic and digital formats.  Gaming technology is accessible through personal computers, mobile devices and hand-held technology.

Gaming is often used for teaching new concepts as well as providing interactive simulations to apply learned concepts. Game-based learning can be utilized for general concepts up to complex subject matter, making games appealing and appropriate for children and adult learners at various stages.


Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is an emerging educational technology being used as a productivity tool. It allows users to utilize voice command for completing tasks. Some of the productivity features include setting alarms, sending emails and recording reminders. Communication between individuals in learning communities is enhanced by the timeliness and convenience of wearable technologies.

As more wearable technologies are introduced, the functionality continues to become more advanced. In addition to basic productivity tasks, the technology can be used to collect, store and report data. The technology is also being used for life saving alerts. From math class to physical education and everything in between, wearable technology is wielding its way into every aspect of learning.

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