Equipping Adult Learnings with Future Ready Skills

Posted by on April 18th, 2019

The modern classroom has arrived, as the traditional classroom continues to evolve. Over the last twenty years, the internet has become an essential tool. Tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, and apps continue to become regular parts of education. These all create new advantages to the modern student. However, adult learners who don’t have backgrounds in these tools can struggle. The reality is they need to be taught, as these are the new building blocks of development that will carry beyond the classroom into career fields. It’s why adult learner educators needs to focus on “future ready” skills.

Future ready skills are what modern students need to succeed. They must possess skills that enable them to use technology to their advantage. Adult learners must not only learn to effectively use technology, but they also must prepare for the future that includes searching for jobs, working in group settings, and continuing their education. That is why the following skills will all be essential to the adult learners’ future success:

  • Collaborative Culture
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Integration of Technology into Learning
  • Global Competence
  • Global Interaction
  • Financial, Economic, Business, & Entrepreneurial Literacy
  • Civic Literacy
  • Technologically Able

Equipping adult learners with future ready skills means having the right tools. From tablets to online resources, educators have the paths they need to ready their students.  PrepPath is an ideal educational tool that empowers adult learners to succeed across subject areas and engage with technology.

PrepPath is born out of the belief that all people have the right and ability to achieve and succeed. Our HSE preparation platform incorporates our vast experience and supportive material in all core academic areas and Spanish. We go to work every day to empower students at every learning level to confidently move down the path toward their high school equivalency (and career) goals.

PrepPath empowers instructors to learn more about their adult learners in a seamless, simple process. They can adapt assignments, introduce new concepts or review sections based on student need. As a result, students learn faster.

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