Finding the Courage to Earn a High School Equivalency Degree

Posted by on October 1st, 2018

For the adult learner, the decision to return to the classroom can be daunting. There are many reasons why the individual never finished their schooling. It can be from lack of support, family crisis, economic pressures, or overall academic struggles. No matter the reason, they were unable to get their high school diploma then. Today, they have the opportunity to finally achieve this goal that can better their overall life. But we must not discount the courage needed to take this big step. To manifest the courage, the learner needs the following:



Depending on their current living situation, working schedule and personal responsibilities, the individual seeking to return to the classroom as an adult learner will need support from friends and family. They’ll need it to maneuver their new busy schedule and expectations, but they’ll also need it emotionally. They need to hear that they have a right to be learning and achieving and they need to know that people are rooting for them.  They need to remember they’re not alone in their journey.



There are different ways for adults to earn their degree, they just need to be guided towards these avenues.  Whether through the community, or through jobs, an individual looking to advance their opportunities through education will need access to learning centers, schools and programs.  



Probably the most important piece of the puzzle to gaining courage is the personal drive to achieve this goal.  Whether it’s to advance one’s career possibilities, personal pride, or intellectual curiosity, there’s a symbolism to a degree that offers the individual a sense of hope for their future.  By having hope that they can succeed in their learning, they will have that drive they need to make the big first step of returning to the classroom.


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