Top Five Resources Adult Education Students Need to Study for HSE

Posted by on November 5th, 2015

As adult learners embark on the journey of securing high school equivalency (HSE) certifications and diplomas, there are a few resources that should be in their knapsack for success. The availability, or lack thereof, of these resources has the potential to heavily impact the outcome of the student’s level of accomplishment. Among the needed resources are access to technology, access to reading material, access to an instructor, practice tests and study time. Together, these resources can be used to drive student achievement.

Access to Reading Material

A number of textbooks have been designed for HSE test preparation. Other general reading material can also be helpful in test training. This blend of directly and indirectly related reading resources can be used to reinforce students’ reading comprehension skills and expose them to specific content-related subject matter. Access can be granted through public libraries, learning facilities and community centers. In many cases, reading materials are freely available.

Access to Technology

HSE exams are now primarily computer based. Learners should have regular access to technology to familiarize themselves with the hardware and proper ways to use the tools. Access to computer equipment also allows students to practice technology-based preparation tools including software CD-ROMs, online resources and interactive practice tests.

Access to an Instructor

Instructors are an asset to students, bringing knowledge of strategies for success, content and regulations regarding the HSE exams. Working with someone directly on areas of struggle while continuing to enhance strengths benefits students. Instructors also have access to additional resources and activities that could prove extremely helpful to students.

Practice Test Materials

Practice test materials are an essential tool for test prep success. Regular practice testing should be a part of student preparation to reduce anxiety and improve test taking skills. Practice tests enable students to familiarize themselves with test content, structure, directions and timing. While some practice test materials are available via pen and paper, many online practice options give students a more realistic practice test simulation.

Study Time

Adult learners need study time. While many skills are taught in the classroom on specific days, daily practice will help them continue strengthening their skills. Ongoing concept review and skills practice allows students to stay proficient in concepts that instructors have already covered. Developing good study habits is a way for students to prepare for their next educational endeavors.

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