Free Reading Comprehension Sites for Your Adult Learners

Posted by on November 16th, 2016

Reading comprehension is a significant portion of the high school equivalency (HSE) exams. The need for successful reading comprehension is not only reserved for the reading and language arts section of the exam, but carries over into other subjects including science, social studies and math. The HSE exams are structured with passages followed by a series of questions. Therefore, it is essential for students to have strong reading comprehension skills.


These skills will help pinpoint the required information for answering a question correctly. Several websites provide free access to activities that promote reading comprehension. Among these sites, a variety of passage genres are promoted. Amid the array of free websites are:

  • Education.com The Education.com site offers free membership for instructors. With membership, teachers can access a number of worksheets and activities. The access to exercises is capped monthly. The materials from this site can be stored digitally. Teachers can also print workbooks and worksheet sets.
  • EnglishForEveryone.org The English for Everyone website delivers various worksheets for reading comprehension. The worksheets are divided by level and passage type. Students can strengthen their comprehension skills in informational, technical, and short story formats among many others.
  • EnglishMaven English Maven is associated with Read Theory and English for Everyone. The site extends opportunities for students to practice reading comprehension through the use of passages with corresponding quiz questions to follow.
  • Lit2Go Lit2Go provides free access to audio files of stories and poems. The corresponding reading passages can be downloaded and printed for student use as supplementary or read-along materials. In addition to the audio files and downloads, the site relates specific reading strategies to some of the passages.
  • Read Theory Read Theory is a free reading comprehension site for teachers and students. Teachers can create class rosters and assign reading levels to students. Student progress is tracked and scaled to allow students to progress to additional levels as their mastery is demonstrated. Levels are also adjusted lower if a student is performing poorly at the current reading level. Printable versions of the passages are available in workbook format for $0.99. Read Theory is accessible via desktop and mobile devices.


Students can increase their reading comprehension skills through consistent practice. Direct instruction supplemented with online practice provides increased exposure and a wide variety of strategies for student success. Most of the exercises available through the websites are also structured similarly to the HSE exams with passages followed by related questions. The availability of free resources such as Education.com, Lit2Go and Read Theory make online practice accessible to students both in and outside of the classroom.

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