Fun Language Arts Study Games and Activities for Adult Students

Posted by on October 20th, 2015

Learning and preparing for High School Equivalency (HSE) exams does not have to be boring or involve sitting at a desk with a textbook. A number of fun, innovative resources and activities are available to support learning for adult students. Many of these activities can be used both in the classroom and for home study.


Quill is an interactive resource that provides resources for writing, grammar and vocabulary. On this site students are able to practice writing sentences and editing paragraphs. Students receive immediate feedback whether responses are correct or incorrect. In addition to the sentence and paragraph practice, Quill also has a writing game that allows two students to write a story together using a shared list of vocabulary words. Since Quill is a website that requires student response, it is also a resource for keyboarding practice.


Chomp Chomp

Chomp Chomp is another interactive website for student grammar practice. Handouts are available for students to keep track of their work as they go along and share their progress with teachers. The worksheets can also be used in class. Like Quill, the students receive an immediate “correct” or “incorrect” after each response. Chomp Chomp provides a YouTube channel for concept instruction. Students receive visual instruction in a video set to music. The music is upbeat and images are used to demonstrate each idea.


Grammar Ninja

Grammar Ninja is an online game that allows students to practice grammar skills. Students are asked to identify a number of grammatical elements. Wrong answers encounter a buzzer and an exploding word. At the end of the exercise, a time, score and rank are issued. Incorrect answers require a retry and incur a time penalty that is calculated at the end.


BBC Skillwise

BBC Skillwise is a site geared towards mathematics and language concepts for adults. The site provides a number of interactive games for grammar practice. Blown Away is a game that allows students to blow away out of place punctuation using a hair dryer in a hair salon. Beat the Clock is a timed game that allows students to practice their grammar skills.


Around the Room

Around the Room is an in-class activity that allows students to move away from their typical seating arrangements. Set up the activity by placing signs with various errors around the room. Allow students to take a walk around the room, note their observations and provide recommended corrections.


Social Media Madness

Social Media Madness is a series of worksheets that pulls actual posts from social media sites for students to review grammar, punctuation and spelling. A variation of this activity would be to pull a live social media feed, perhaps from a popular celebrity, and proofread together.


English for Everyone

English for Everyone is another site that provides practice worksheets for students. Paragraphs are grouped by skill level including beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Teachers can print the paragraphs from the site and give to students as daily practice.

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