Have You Heard of Quizlet? It’s Awesome!

Posted by on October 21st, 2016

The widespread availability of the internet makes for convenient, rapid sharing of knowledge and resources. Quizlet is an online learning resource created by a high school student nearly 10 years ago.

The website provides study tools for both students and teachers on various subjects at different levels. All of the content available through the site is provided by users. Because the site offers millions of study sets, the website is an effective tool for additional learning support. The wide content range is arranged as flashcards, quizzes and game modes.



As a teacher you can access Quizlet for free. The design team has made sign-up readily available with account creation using your current Google account, Facebook or other email address. Once registered, you will be able to borrow study sets from others or create your own.

Quizlet also provides you the flexibility to choose learning modes that work best for your students. There are 10 settings with the choice for individual or collaborative learning practice. An added benefit of the site is the ability to create up to eight classes for free. Unlimited classes and student progress tracking are available with the upgraded site membership option.


Classroom Usage

Quizlet sets offer a number of features that will assist instruction. You can filter your set choices by a number of factors including dates, relevance and images across a range of academic areas. Features that you may regularly employ include flash cards, games, tests and printables.

  • Flash Cards – Flash cards have been used as an effective instructional tool for quite some time. Quizlet’s flash cards can be used online through virtual flipping. An option to print the actual cards is also available.
  • Games – To make your lessons less monotonous, you may incorporate the use of interactive games. The games allow the students to practice their skills in a less structured setting.
  • Printables – Many of the information sets on Quizlet can be printed for use when students are away from the computer or mobile devices. This feature can be useful if you would like to use one of the quizzes as a written assessment. You can also print flash cards or study notes for your students. The print modes offered by Quizlet are index card, small and large flash cards, table or glossary.
  • Quizzes/Tests – Once your students have accessed the learning features of each lesson, a test is available to evaluate their knowledge. Questions are formatted as short answer, multiple choice and true/false, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge across assessment mediums. You can use the results to gauge their learning and simultaneously increase test taking skills.
  • Quizlet Live – Quizlet Live is a newer feature of the site offering an opportunity for students to collaborate. The game-based mode requires students to be on teams and race against each other for completion and improvement of skills. Quizlet Live promotes accuracy over speed by requiring students to start over from the beginning if their answers are incorrect.

Your lessons can be enhanced through the use of Quizlet. The customizable options, as well as millions of available sets, can provide a tremendous amount of support for your students. As you incorporate the flash cards, games and other features into your instruction, you can reach many students with multiple learning modalities. The free access option offers plenty of options and information. The upgraded option extends the number of classes you are able to reach and how you track student progress.

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