Helpful Resources for Adult Educators

Posted by on July 11th, 2017

Adult education has moved away from the isolated use of textbooks and lecture formats. Similarly, the instructional model has moved away from one isolated teacher to networks of educators sharing best practices.

The result of these shifts has been the emergence of a wide range of resources for student and teacher support. Helpful resources for students include tutorial sites, grammar practice and writing assistance. Some helpful resources for you as an educator include community websites and newsletters for best practices.


Student-Focused Resources

  • Grammar Bytes – Grammar Bytes is a free website offering grammar practice geared towards adults. The website provides access to daily skill strengthening exercises via social media. Other features include a glossary of common grammar terms, practice worksheets and a progress tracker. Videos and teacher resources are also available.
  • Khan Academy – The Khan Academy site shares instructional videos and practice activities in math, science, computer programming, history and art history. The tutorial site features a dashboard that allows students to track their progress through the lessons.
  • Perdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – The Perdue OWL is a free online resource offering support in various areas of writing. The resources contain general writing information, targeted writing for business and academics, and research and citation help. The OWL also offers writing support for English as Second Language (ESL) learners. Teacher resources are available too.


Teacher Support Resources

  • Applying Research in Reading Instruction – The Applying Research in Reading Instruction: First Steps for Teachers is a resource published by the National Institute for Literacy. The guide examines reading skills and the assessment and planning methods that should be included when providing instruction for adults.
  • Literacy Information Communication System (LINCS) – The LINCS site provides a connection place for adult education practitioners. Included in the site is a community forum for educators complete with discussion groups. Self-paced professional development resources and a searchable resource tool is also available to educators.
  • National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) – The NCSALL site provides access to previously written journal articles and training supplies centered around adult instruction. The research based teaching materials are no longer in print, however, the site still makes them available for download.


Online resources provide additional support beyond the textbook teacher’s guide for educators. Newsletters and research websites offer an opportunity for you to stay abreast of best practices and trends within the adult education industry. Websites like LINCS even provide the opportunity to engage with the adult educator community through discussion boards.


Other websites such as Khan Academy and Perdue’s OWL are student focused and can be used as supplemental components to traditional learning materials. You can combine the information from these resources to tailor instruction for your classes and individual students.

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