How to Prepare Students for the GED Science Test

Posted by on December 22nd, 2016

The GED® test is comprised of five subject content areas. Science is one of the core subjects on the exam. A strategic instructional approach can help your students successfully prepare for the exam. The following strategies will assist you in helping your students achieve this goal.

  1. Understand the Directions & Format – Begin test preparation by familiarizing students with the directions and format for the GED Science portion of the exam. Understanding the expectations in advance will help students know what to expect and preparethemselves accordingly. Spend time discussing the scoring requirements so that test takers are aware of things that will impact their scores.
  2. Know the Sub-content Areas – The Science portion of the GED test covers three sub-content areas 1) physical science, 2) life science and 3) earth and space science. Offer direct instruction and supplementary study materials covering these areas to test takers.
  3. Read Informational Texts – Many sections of the science exam will be based on informational texts and images. This formatting eliminates the necessity for students to memorize significant amounts of scientific facts for passing of the assessment. Instead, students can focus on reading informational texts and reviewing images to assemble answers from the details provided. The use of informational texts and infographics also assesses learners’ problem solving ability, reading comprehension skills and understanding of the scientific process for experiments.
  4. Review Good Test Taking Habits – Spend time reviewing the habits of good test takers with students. Focus on the importance of answering every question. Also encourage students to read every passage, question and answer in its entirety. Remind students that the exam is timed so it will be important for them to pace themselves for completion along with allowing extra room for brief breaks as necessary.
  5. Practice Tests – Provide students with numerous opportunities to take practice tests. This will help familiarize them with the format and increase their confidence in their ability to successfully pass the exam. As the GED exam is now administered via computer, it is necessary to have students access practice sites using the technology. The GED Testing Service and many other sites offer free practice test options.

Preparation for the science section of the GED test is not much different from preparation for other exams. Students do not have to be intimidated by the content. Instead, help them recognize that focusing on good test taking skills and reading comprehension coupled with general knowledge of the sub-content areas will allow them to pass the exam successfully. Incorporating familiarity with the directions and formatting through review and practice tests will also aid in their accomplishment.


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