How to Stay Focused on Your Goals When Life Gets Hectic

Posted by on December 6th, 2016

As an adult learner, no doubt there are competing responsibilities in your life. Responsibilities at home, work, school and other commitments will all be vying for your attention. Sometimes it seems as though all of your duties need urgent attention simultaneously. In those moments it is necessary for you to stay focused on accomplishing your goals. Consider the following tips to stay on track when things get hectic:

  1. Write It Down – Writing things down is an essential component of goal setting and achievement. Writing down your goals provides a tangible reminder of what you hope to accomplish. In addition to writing your goals, it may be necessary to keep a list of your other responsibilities. A to-do list will help you visualize the tasks that you need to complete. Assign numbers, or symbols, to tasks according to their level of urgency. Prioritizing your list allows you to focus on pressing matters and attend to lesser priorities later.
  2. Set a Schedule – Setting a schedule helps you stay focused on goals while managing other responsibilities. A schedule allows you to block off time to work on your goals while allotting time for other activities. Use a calendar to map out your activities and commitments. Plug in time for your goals as well as down time to practice self-care. Also, set specific deadlines for your goals to ensure they do not get pushed too far off of your radar.
  3. Make Consistent Progress – As life gets hectic it is important to make sure that you still spend time working towards your goals. Tackling goals takes intention and consistency. Break your goals into small action items so you can work towards them at consistent intervals. The interval work will allow you to meet any deadlines you have set for yourself. Consistent progress will also help you achieve your goals rather than having a series of unfinished projects.
  4. Choose an Accountability Partner – Share your goals with a trusted accountability partner, like a family member, friend or colleague. Make sure it is someone who is willing to alert you when you are not making necessary progress or have gotten off track. An objective view from your accountability partner can help you shift priorities and correct the course as necessary. Their familiarity with your goals should also prompt them to acknowledge and celebrate your successes along the way.

Life is full of competing responsibilities. When those responsibilities get hectic, it can be difficult to stay focused on personal goals. Setting a schedule, making consistent progress, sharing your goals and making lists are intentional ways to help you stay focused on the goals. Amid taking care of everyone and everything else, it is also necessary to turn adequate attention to things that are important to you. Recognize your goals as important and worth pursuing.


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