How to Use GeoGuessr in the Adult Classroom

Posted by on November 22nd, 2016

Geography is one of the required subjects for students seeking high school equivalency (HSE) certification. Everyone knows that games can be an extremely fun, interactive way to review concepts. GeoGuessr is a web-based game requiring players to guess where they are based on visible clues. The game is staged by dropping players into street views of world-wide locations.


Offering single and multi-player options, the game can be used to teach various geographical concepts. GeoGuessr is a tool that can be effectively used within the adult classroom. It allows teachers to reinforce themes of geography, review latitude and longitude, create customized quizzes, and it provides research opportunities.


Themes of Geography

Geoguessr features all five themes of geography: 1) location, 2) place, 3) region, 4) movement, and 5) human/environment interaction. Students are required to apply the themes when playing the game in an effort to guess their location.


Latitude & Longitude

Students are required to have a basic understanding of latitude and longitude. Teachers can use GeoGuessr as a support tool by having students identify which lines of latitude or longitude are closest to their location. You can also have your students identify which hemisphere they are in based on the information available.


Customized GeoGuessr Quizzes

GeoGuessr allows you to create custom quizzes of your own. You can select five locations for your students to visit. This customization feature allows you to select locations that are specific to regions and other concepts that you are studying.


Research Opportunities

GeoGuessr also provides an opportunity to strengthen your students’ computer research skills. Students can work in pairs or small groups. Use one computer for GeoGuessr and the other for research. As the student playing the game describes the clues, the other student uses the clues to perform a search based on the terms or clues provided. This is also an informal way to assess student depth of knowledge. Note what types of terms students are using as clues. Are the students using geography related terms you taught, or are they using more generic terms to assist partners?


GeoGuessr is a game that requires students to do more than just understand geographic concepts. In addition to understanding the concepts, students are responsible for applying knowledge to help discover their location. Knowledge of regional facts, basic location information and other details like landforms helps students make educated guesses.


In addition, teachers can assess student learning based on progress on the custom quizzes. Using the computer for research also promotes technology skills which will come into play as adult learns prepare for electronic administration of HSE exams. GeoGuessr is a supplementary tool that can be used in the classroom for more than just the study of geography. It reinforces a number of additional skills that make for effective instruction and successful learning.

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