HSE News: Adult Education Comes to the Forefront in Many States

Posted by on November 23rd, 2015

Millions of American adults have not obtained a high school diploma. The result is a hard road for many families, struggling to make a living. However, the impact reaches further than just the family. State, local and national governments are realizing that an undereducated society can have disastrous results on an entire nation. In response, many states are focusing efforts on programs that provide adult education funding, programs and access for those in need.


Four Companies Band Together to Help Employees Get GEDs for Free

In an effort to show a dedication to education, several major national companies are offering employees the opportunity to prepare for the GEDⓇ test. KFC, Walmart, Taco Bell and Southeastern Grocers give employees free access to online test prep programs or in-person courses offered at community colleges or other agencies offering high school equivalency test prep courses. By partnering with GEDⓇ Testing Service, these companies are paving the way toward a more educated adult population.


Faces of GED: Single moms, Unemployed, Immigrants Make Up Pool of Rock River Valley Students

Ever wonder who takes advantage of adult education courses? The pool of students attending Rock River Valley College’s adult education classes is diverse. However, they have a few things in common. Students struggle with pasts filled with hardships, lack of resources, transportation, childcare and the motivation to overcome these obstacles and achieve high school equivalency. Adult educators across the country face the reality each day as they work hard to help students succeed.


No Teacher in the Classroom: Mobile Education on Tap

According to HuffPost, “Over 46 million working adults in the US lack basic skills and less than 5% have access to classroom.” Such staggering statistics led a Los Angeles-based technology company to launch Cell-Ed, a mobile app designed specifically for busy adults who lack basic literacy and language skills. Cell-Ed educates adults on everything from basic literacy to getting a driver’s license, all through a cell phone. With no classes to attend, no fees to pay and no schedules to follow, adults can learn at their own pace on their own time.


Oregon Promise: Grants for the First Two Years of College

While earning high school equivalency (HSE) falls into the “major accomplishment” category for thousands of young adults, what happens after that is a predictor of a more positive future. The “Oregon Promise” gives Oregon residents the chance to further their education after obtaining HSE certification by offering free tuition for the first two years of college to qualified candidates. The Promise is a $10 million fund designed to pick up the remaining college tuition bills of students who have already applied for and received other state and federal financial aid.


Young Parents Call for Adult Education Investments

Young adults in Lansing, MI are begging policymakers for an investment in education for the sake of their children. Thousands of adults in Michigan have less than a 9th grade education, which is now negatively affecting the children of these adults. A local forum for parents will call directly for more state funding for adult education.

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