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Posted by on January 12th, 2016

The dawning of a new year is often filled with reflection and celebration, and a dash of hope for the coming year. Although many adults face daily struggles on the path to a brighter future, success stories are rampant across the country. Every day, thousands of adults are facing adversity with the determination and grit required to turn their lives around. For others, it’s these success stories that act as the catalyst to get them started on a more positive path. As 2016 unfolds, take time to gather inspiration for yourself and those you teach.


Prince William County Public Schools

Students in Manassas, VA, continue to prove that earning a high school equivalency diploma is attainable and rewarding. Be inspired by Captain Alicie who left school at age 16 to care for his ailing grandfather. When he decided to join the Army two years later, he learned he needed a high school diploma. Instead of backing down, Alicie earned his GEDⓇ credential in just four weeks. He went on to thrive as a soldier, eventually becoming Captain and Director of Classification and Treatment Services at the Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center where he helps today’s youth imagine and attain a brighter future.


Wayzata Public Schools

Fany Sanchez entered high school equivalency prep classes as a shy student lacking confidence in her abilities. On graduation day, Ms. Sanchez gave a speech. The drastic transformation occurred throughout the program as she realized she was smart and capable. Since earning her diploma in 2013, Sanchez went on to train as a phlebotomy technician.


Literacy For Life

The inability to read produces an isolation and fear unlike any other for an adult seeking stable employment. For Alvin Pasco, it was something that held him back in many areas of his life. His solution was to enroll at Literacy For Life, where instructor Judith Austin was eager to help Alvin succeed. A diagnosis of dyslexia allowed Judith to focus her instruction on specific reading techniques. Pasco has shown that great drive and motivation to learn to read, coupled with hard work, does indeed produce positive results. 


Home Room

With four children to raise, Alma Miller never really considered getting her high school diploma. That is until her teenage son challenged her to finish it. Those words alone prompted Miller to follow through with the diploma she missed out on. She became an inspiration and source of pride for her four children. In addition, Miller was able to share her story with U. S. Department of Education Secretaries for Vocational and Adult Education along with a group of ten others facing similar situations. The group came together to offer feedback and suggestions for improving adult education in our country.


HiSETⓇ Success Story

Adam Munoz dropped out of high school in Billings, MT, when drugs became the most important thing in his life. Several years later, he realized the pathway to a successful career involved a high school education and beyond. Determined to realize his dreams, Munoz enrolled in a local adult education program. Soon after enrolling, he was selected to take the HiSETⓇ pilot exam. Although his preparation timeline was drastically reduced, Munoz decided to go for it. The result was a high school diploma coupled with renewed self-confidence and plans to attend college.

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