Introducing Language Translation Tool Via Google Translate

Posted by on March 16th, 2018

While it’s the goal of any teacher working with students learning English as a second language to help them master their new language, teachers also know these students are not always able to work and learn at their highest level due to this barrier. What teachers need is a way to help students learn their subjects in this new language, while also allowing them to excel by using their primary language.

PrepPath is proud to announce a new feature that allows teachers to accommodate differentiated learning skills of students learning the English language. Thanks to an integration with the Google Translate tool, assignments can now be altered, with complete control by the teacher, to allow English Language Learners to complete PrepPath assignments in any language.


How It Works

The key element to this new translate option is that the teacher has full control over which assignments can use the translate alternative, as well as which individual students will have access. This allows a teacher to create assessments and assignments in English to reach the standards, and also determine if a student needs differentiation and should be allowed to use the translate option.

The translate option is automatically disabled for any teacher-assigned session. After creating the assignment, the teacher can enable the translate option for the specific assignment, by individual student, or by class. The teacher will need to enable the option every time a new assignment is issued. It’s completely up to the teacher’s discretion.


Self Study

While it’s up to the teacher to decide whether or not to enable the translate option on their assignments, students working in Self Study sessions will have access to the feature. This means students who are working to better their skills in any subject can choose to translate the material into their primary language to help them best succeed.


All-Inclusive Learning

While the translation may not be perfect, as it is an automated system that may misconstrue the word and/or grammar, the majority of the translation is accurate, creating a learning environment that emboldens the student who needs some translation to help them fully grasp the assignment.

The translation includes all components of PrepPath questions, including answers, hints, reasons, and vocabulary.


Student Success

Once in the translated mode, students can continue to improve their English learning with the option of hovering over the text to see a translation to the English version. Students can continue to make improvements in both the assigned subject area and their continued journey into learning the English language. As of now, the ReadSpeaker option will not read in the translated language; however, the new learning opportunities this translator offers will be a definitive advantage to students who use it.

At PrepPath, we know it’s important that students at every learning level be able to excel to the best of their abilities. We are sure this new function will become an essential tool for educators, students, and parents as we all work together to help these students reach their highest potential.

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