Is Your Classroom Future Ready?

Posted by on October 17th, 2016

The concept of being future ready and implementing technology in the learning process has recently picked up a lot of momentum. It’s been a focal point of President Obama’s initiative to help educators transition into the 21st century and to utilize technology resources to streamline education.

As an adult ed teacher, it should be your priority to have a future ready classroom. But just how future ready are you?


Signs of a Future Ready Classroom

Educators who are on board with this movement openly embrace technology in the classroom. They understand that it’s one of the most valuable tools for instructing adult learners and that individuals need to have an understanding of technology to thrive in many professions. As a result, they use technology as a means to develop fundamental technological skills.

A future ready classroom most likely has access to high-speed Internet. It has desktops, laptops, tablets or other devices available for students to use. It may also use interactive software to aid in teaching and help students achieve their learning goals.


Steps You Can Take to Create a Future Ready Classroom

The first step is assess where you’re currently at in terms of implementing technology. Is it a top priority, and are you using cutting-edge technology to aid in teaching? Or do you feel like you’re lagging behind in this department?

If it’s the latter, identify which specific areas need improvement. Maybe you need to upgrade your Internet service so that it has the necessary bandwidth needed to accommodate your entire classroom. Or maybe you need to invest in several tablets to expedite student learning.


Incorporate Tech Into Your Teaching Strategy

Have you been reluctant to fully embrace technology yourself? If so, make it a top priority to weave it into your teaching strategy. For instance, you might have students use digital notebooks to support personalized learning. You may also assign projects that require the extensive use of technology to complete.


Assess Students’ Future Ready Skills

If you really want to expedite your students’ comprehension, make it a point to consistently measure their progress. For example, you might create tests that are designed to assess students’ future ready skills.This will hold students to a higher degree of accountability and increase the likelihood that they make necessary progress. They’re also more likely to retain essential information this way.

It’s safe to say that technology is here to stay. There’s no escaping the fact that understanding how to use technology in and out of the classroom is of the utmost importance in the 21st century. It should be your priority to evaluate the current state of your classroom and do everything within your power to make it future ready.


Helpful Resources

Looking for more on how to expedite this process? There are several different resources with a wealth of information to help you make your classroom future ready. Here are some specific ones to check out.

The Office of Educational Technology

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