Is Your Community Future Ready?

Posted by on June 21st, 2016

The focus of educational preparation is moving towards future ready outcomes. You are preparing your students in future ready classrooms, but are the communities that they are a part of future ready?

A future ready community is one that offers support and action to those that are pursuing specific personal and professional goals. Future ready communities maximize access to tools and resources that are necessary for the continued growth of college, career and citizenship ready individuals.

These communities are defined by their level of planning, social development and potential for continued economic growth. Future ready communities are achieved through collaboration between educational programs, businesses and other community organizations. Often times this collaboration is initiated by educational leaders.


Promotion and contribution towards future ready communities is a crucial component of your role as an educator. You have the ability to create partnerships and build teams that are geared towards offering future ready support. Formal and informal connections, collaborative projects and strategic relationships within the community help advance your learning programs.

These connections happen between educational programs, businesses and other community organizations. In addition to building strong partnerships, there are a few other ways that you can contribute to creating a future ready community:

  • Identify Community Assets. Communities have a lot to offer. Begin by identifying the initiatives, programs and activities designed to promote future ready growth. Build on the effective practices currently in place and duplicate the successful models of other communities.
  • Gather data. Collect data to set baselines and track progress of your goals. Your data will deliver concrete insight into the current state of your community and be a good predictor of future outcomes. Understanding the current trends and perspectives provided from data collection will help you shape the necessary goals for continued progress.
  • Set and Communicate Goals. Use data to set measurable goals for the students in your community. Communicate these goals with other partners and organizations. Follow the goal setting with discussions and demonstrations on how the community working together can help achieve these goals.


Creating a future ready community takes collective effort. As an educator, you have an opportunity to ensure your community’s readiness by creating strong partnerships, leveraging existing assets and pursuing measurable, data driven goals. The result of the collective efforts is a community that prepares and receives career and citizen ready individuals. The resulting communities are resilient and prepared for social development and economic growth. Future ready communities are sustainable.


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