Make the Most of Your Faculty Meetings

Posted by on November 29th, 2016

A calendar invite goes out announcing an upcoming faculty meeting and the heavy sighs and disgruntled whispers ripple through the building. The expectations of a tedious time-wasting meeting that could have been a memo weigh heavy on your mind. Based on the agenda, you may have already outlined a few people that will raise their complaints during the meeting.

As a teacher, it is necessary to change your perspective and make the most of your faculty meetings. Consider doing this by engaging in the process, collaborating with others and self-reflecting.

  1. Be Part of the Process – Identify how to become part of the process of creating the agenda for faculty meetings. Staff members who involve their self gain a greater sense of ownership for the meeting. This could be as simple as suggesting topics to cover during meetings. Other ways to be part of the process include encouraging your colleagues to stay engaged during the meeting and lending your voice to constructive conversations.
  2. Collaborate with Others – Use faculty meetings to share ideas and collaborate with others. This could range from how to teach a particular concept, how to resolve an issue with a particular student, to best practices for becoming a better educator. It is easier to gain insight and solve problems from multiple sources when everyone is physically present.
  3. Self-Reflect – Tasks and goals are often shared during faculty meetings. Use the meeting time to reflect on whether the goals or tasks are something that are already part of your practice as an educator. If they are not, think through how to implement best practices that will allow you to accomplish those tasks. If the tasks are something you already do, faculty meetings are a time to determine how you can continue to strengthen your practices. Document your individual improvements as you tackle your tasks and goals.

Becoming part of the process of each meeting and collaborating with others lend themselves to making the most out of faculty meetings for educators. Regular self-reflection provides a way for you to consistently consider and increase your effectiveness. By taking ownership for the part you play, you are able to maximize each time that you meet with other members of your faculty. End the collective sigh regarding faculty meetings by proactively preparing.

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