Most Important Life Skills Your Adult Students Need

Posted by on January 7th, 2016

By the time many students leave high school or an adult education program, some are not necessarily ready for the “real world.” While there may not be a section of the High School Equivalency exam pertaining to life skills, it is certainly the role of an educator to focus on the skills that adult students need to know. Prepare your students for the end of school by integrating these life skills into your lesson plans:


As an educator, you know the significance of learning to write well. Your students need to be able to form coherent thoughts and learn to target their ideas effectively. Idea development and grammar are equally important.

Critical Thinking

Sometimes referred to as “common sense,” critical thinking is used on a daily basis. Without the ability to accurately and completely evaluate information, students may fail to relate information to relevant topics or find significant meaning. Good critical thinking skills lead to better decision-making abilities.


The ability to speak in public with confidence and a persuasive demeanor will definitely come in handy. Effective public speaking can become comfortable with regular practice, and it allows people to work in sales or simply share ideas with others. Plus, learning how to speak publicly can enhance one’s ability to communicate on an interpersonal level. Public speaking does not have to come in the form of long-winded speeches in front of the class either; this experience can come from students simply raising their hands and answering questions.


You already know that math is important, but do your students? Mental math is especially helpful when dealing with finances, and being able to handle simple statistics without pen and paper will also come in handy. Plus, you can’t go wrong with integrating data analysis into your adult education courses, as this also helps to build strong critical thinking skills. Don’t forget about learning how to budget finances, which few schools emphasize.


The availability of the Internet and smartphones makes it so simple to look up facts. This makes it more important now than ever to build skills in online research, which includes everything from knowing which search terms to Google to visiting the library and finding the appropriate books. One of the hardest parts of knowing how to do research is knowing what to research.


These activities are considered life skills because they are useful across a variety of disciplines. No matter what industry your students begin working in, these life skills will be helpful across the board.


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