New Year’s Resolutions for Adult Learners

Posted by on December 26th, 2018

Being an adult learner means a choice to become the best version of oneself has already been made. Returning to the classroom is truly a success onto itself and every adult learner should be proud of themselves for taking on this exciting new challenge.  What better way to build upon this accomplishment then by setting oneself up for success in the New Year? Take the time to make New Year’s’ resolutions to make the following year another step towards your learning goals.



Time management is a key skill that all adult learners need to develop to help find success. Make this an achievable goal by starting a planner. This can be digital or in a notebook, or in a designed planner book.  Use it to write down schedules, due dates, and keep track of everything that needs to get done. By having all one’s expectations written down in one place, it will become habit to keep track of progress and achievements throughout the year.  



Goals can be all sizes. While setting big goals such as earning a diploma are inspiring for an adult learner, it’s also important to set smaller, incremental goals that can be achieved on a daily and weekly basis. Completing these goals will give any adult learner confidence on their way to their bigger, more long term education goals.



Setting goals that will take time are important to have in order to remind the adult learner that every step counts. Not all goals will be met overnight or even after one term in school. Keeping those ultimate goals written down and in mind can be looked at as inspiration when the going gets tough. Having long term goals one can check in on as they make progress on their smaller obtainable goals will help maintain focus.  



Working hard on one’s own goals is something that can be done solo. However, education is not done in a vacuum. Adult learners are not alone on these journeys. There are other students and teachers who are with them every step of the way. This year, make sure to plan on connecting with other students to see how you can help each other. Also, make an effort to communicate with teachers to let them know your goals, and find out ways they can help you continue to reach your educational goals.


What are some New Year’s resolutions you are planning to make for yourself or with the adult learners in your life?  


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