Online GED Prep: 6 Resources to Help Students Prepare

Posted by on September 24th, 2015

As you prepare for the GED® test, there are a number of resources available beyond the classroom. The internet offers a range of preparation materials including study guides and practice tests for optimal success. In addition to the printable materials, use of online GED prep resources can also help you get familiar with the computer based format of the exam. While some sites charge for access, many others make their materials available free of charge. In addition to the following sites, many state education departments offer resources on individual web pages.



Best GED Classes

The Best GED Classes site is organized to offer an array of resources for GED preparation. There are video programs, practice tests, and classes. The site also offers a page dedicated to free resources. The free section contains links to timed and un-timed practice tests.


GED Study Guide

GED Study Guide offers the typical preparation materials and practice tests. In addition to the general options gedstudyguide.org offers a membership community. You can subscribe to receive access to a free GED Study Kit and join a private Facebook group. The study kit includes a study guide e-book, video lessons and vocabulary cards.


GED Testing Service LLC

GED Testing Service LLC is a resource provided by Pearson and the American Council on Education. This resource provides information specifically regarding the GED exam. Students can view details about each of the tests and frequently asked questions. The site provides an opportunity for students to create an account and take a free practice test. The Marketplace section on the site allows you to purchase additional products and support materials.



PrepPath is an online resource that provides high school equivalency (HSE) test preparation materials for administrators, instructors and students. The information is not limited to just online GED prep; other HSE exam information is also available. The site provides sample student assignments and makes materials available for instructors to support student learning. PrepPath’s blog contains informational articles with tips and information to aid student success.


Study Guide Zone

Study Guide Zone provides a general overview of the GED test. The site also gives users access to a free study guide and practice resources for each of the test subjects. The skill building exercise section allows you to select specific areas of weakness to practice and strengthen targeted skills.


Test Prep Review

Test Prep Review offers practice tests, study guides and flash cards for a number of standardized tests. The HiSET® resource page contains a video review and self-assessment modules in addition to the practice questions. The GED practice page gives the test breakdown along with other links to information on paying for college.

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