Online Resources to Teach the American Revolution

Posted by on February 18th, 2016

The American Revolution is a very important part of history that every American should know. This is why it is a vital topic in GED Social Studies. Although some may consider history lessons tedious and uninteresting, the American Revolution is a very exciting time in history – the right materials and resources can make both teaching and learning it fun and easy.

Here are some online resources you can use to teach the American Revolution:



As a primary resource in US History and Literature, this website has a good structure for teaching the American Revolution. The section on the American Revolution is divided into five aspects: Predicaments, Religion, Politics, Expansion, and Equality. Each topic has topic framing questions, a resource menu, and reading guides. The website uses exhaustive literature from various authors to present a more comprehensive look at the American Revolution. Another feature that’s worth noting is the six-page timeline that serves as an excellent chronological guide for the American Revolution.



This website offers an online GED® Social Studies course. Although it is designed for those who are preparing for GED® tests, it is an excellent resource for teaching the American Revolution which is part of GED® Social Studies. There are 60 chapters in this online course, one of which is The American Revolution.

The chapter on the American Revolution consists of ten lessons; each lesson consists of a video and a quiz. There is also an exam at the end of the whole chapter to serve as practice for the whole topic of the American Revolution.



This website offers various resources for teaching American History. One of its most fun offerings is the interactive map on the American Revolution. Although there are more in-depth and comprehensive materials for teachers online, the interactive map can be a great tool for students. The map provides information on key locations during the American Revolution either by showing text that discusses what happened at that particular location or by asking a question through an interactive quiz.



This website, filled with animations of key battles in American Military History, is perfect for visual learners. The animations consist of well-labeled maps which show troop movements, settlements, flags, and a description of specific events that transpired.


The Revolution: Interactive Guide

For those who are into apps more than websites, this free iTunes app serves as an interactive textbook and study guide on the American Revolution. The app has loads of features that will make it fun for students to learn all about the American Revolution. Among the features to expect from this app are interactive flashcards, explorable world maps, interactive biographies, audio narrations, review quizzes, and explorable images.


These are just a few online resources to help teach the American Revolution; there are a lot more out there and you only have to find one that will appeal to your students’ learning style as well as your own teaching style.

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