Free Websites for Keyboarding Practice

Posted by on September 29th, 2016

Many of the High School Equivalency (HSE) tests have recently moved to online versions. As a result, it is increasingly important that your students know how to type. Proper keyboarding technique will assist your students when it is time to take the HSE test. Free websites and applications (apps) are available for students to practice keyboarding skills and improve efficiency.



Many websites are designed to teach both proper finger placement and typing speed. This is achieved through the use of games, lessons and speed drills. The exercises are usually presented in various levels beginner through advanced.



Keybr teaches touch typing while encouraging speed and eliminating the need for typists to look at the keyboard.



TypeFaster offers typing tutorials for placement, speed and accuracy. It can be used in several modes including single user, multi user and teacher assisted multi user.



TypeRacer is an interactive game-based website. Students can compete against others in a multi-player setting for speed and accuracy.



TypingWeb offers games and lessons. Students can choose their practice level.



Ratatype offers a free typing speed test for computer users. Your students may appreciate the thrill of seeing their progress. It will also assist them on the writing portion of the HSE exam for pacing.


iPhone and iPad Apps

iPhone and iPad users can access limited use versions of typing applications for free from their devices. Full versions are often reasonably priced and allow students the convenience to practice almost anywhere. Some of the applications require the use of Bluetooth keyboards for training while others use onscreen keyboards.



AccelType was designed exclusively for iPad use. The application uses both the onscreen keyboard and Bluetooth keyboards. AccelType also tracks progress through the exercises.



GhostType offers a variety of lessons and customizable options. The app is also designed to have the keys, or sections, disappear periodically to help students learn to type properly without looking down at the keys.



TapTyping teaches both QWERTY and mobile keyboarding.



TypingWeb now offers a mobile app for additional practice.


Living in a digital age makes it easy to take for granted that your students will know and be comfortable with the keyboard. Many times, this is not the case. It is important to make sure they are familiar and comfortable with keyboarding. This familiarity and confidence is best built through regular practice. Websites and apps can be accessed during class time and on students’ personal time, offering them ample opportunities to develop and improve their keyboarding skills.


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