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Posted by on November 13th, 2018

PrepPath is the most comprehensive, customizable solution used to prepare adult learners for any high school equivalency test.  It comes equipped with many components to help teachers and adult learners find success. This includes a selection of High School Equivalency resources.  PrepPath has a selection of eBooks available today.  Take advantage of the essential information provided in these downloads and apply them to your adult classroom today.  


Find out exactly what your students need to succeed on any HSE exam with the eBook:

Preparing Adult Learnings for the Changing Landscape of HSE

With the increase in the number of High School Equivalency exam options along with the transformation in education technology, educators need to adapt to help students achieve HSE success.



Adult students will need future ready skills and this eBook can help build them:

Equipping Adult Students with Future Ready Skills

The classroom has evolved.

Technology like the Internet, apps/software and mobile devices have an immense impact on the way we approach adult education. Educational advancements make it possible for instructors to reach adult students more effectively and create a dynamic classroom environment.

What’s in the eBook?   

You’ll discover how technology has been the catalyst for progression in teaching and learning, while understanding how to integrate it into your classroom. You’ll also find out which skills are most important for test preparation and beyond.



Download your PrepPath eBooks today.  




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