PrepPath Feature: Extended Reply Questions

Posted by on May 14th, 2018

PrepPath offers many options for teachers to best review, pre-test, and assess their students with an ever growing database of questions. These questions range in type and levels and include answers, hints and reasons to help students learn as they go.


Extended Reply Questions are crucial for students to fully synthesize their lessons on a higher-level. These questions go beyond choosing an answer and require students to write critically and answer more long form questions.


Varying questions types is key for student growth in all subject areas. The extended reply question types help students develop arguments and fully explain their response. These are often seen as short-form essay type answers. The open-ended nature of the question or prompt allows students to reach conclusions and display their knowledge and mastery on the subject.


For students, developing a well-crafted extended reply answer is a skill in itself. Teachers need to understand they will need to model how to best write these types of responses. While they require more time to complete and therefore grade for the teacher, they do give a more in-depth understanding of the student’s proficiency on the subject.


By having the option of multiple question types, including Extended Reply Questions, PrepPath users can construct assessments and assignments that challenge students on many levels and help develop a more advanced understanding of the materials.

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