PrepPath: Reasoning Through Language Arts

Posted by on July 30th, 2018

PrepPath proudly provides content for your students in all Higher Secondary Education module areas. It allows educators to best help their students improve their skills and achieve their goals. Our ever-evolving content provides students with the exact information necessary to succeed on any high school equivalency exam. Our database of over 110,000 study questions is continually evaluated to stay current with students’ needs.

This kind of curation of content helps ensure students can zero in on their needs in each module area, including Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning Through Language Arts.

Reasoning Through Language Arts guides students in reading fiction and nonfiction text closely, synthesizing ideas, writing clearly, and making logical inferences to comprehend written text.

Students will develop the skills to analyze text and look for significant details, patterns and ideas so they can develop a deep understanding of the text, and then be able to express their ideas and conclusions with evidence driven arguments.  


When using PrepPath’s Reasoning Through Language Arts

  • Students will become practiced in reading and writing concepts, including grammar.
  • They will read excerpts from a variety of informational and literary sources and show their understanding, drawing conclusions, and writing clearly.
  • Their writing will demonstrate their ability to analyze multiple passages and determine which argument has more convincing evidence and explain why the evidence supports their choice.

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