PrepPath: The Road to Success

Posted by on September 10th, 2018

For adults working to achieve their HSE, PrepPath is an invaluable asset in helping them find success.  

Adults need a platform that helps them prepare for careers or for college. Without a digital literacy foundation, adults lack the upper hand when competing for placement in the job market.   

PrepPath helps all high school equivalency students ‘catch up on basic education’ while developing 21st Century workforce and collegiate level skills.

PrepPath’s mission is to to engage learners of all ages in an ongoing conversation through technology that facilitates growth, breaks down educational barriers, and empowers individuals to catapult themselves into the next phase of their careers and lives.

This mission can be accomplished at HSE Centers for budget friendly prices that will help raise the quality of learning for students.

Pricing begins with a starter bundle of digital tools for $192.50 that will enhance curriculum for your learners, with over 1,500 pre-designed assignments and the capability to create custom assignments. It features:

  • Administrator, Teacher and Student Accounts
  • Over 1,500 pre-designed assignments
  • Track student progress
  • Generate Reports on HSE modules
  • 45 day reusable licenses
  • Includes 10 Student Accounts ($97.50 value!)

Have more than 10 students? Use the PrepPath 10 student bundle to prepare for the new computerized tests. Additional 10 student bundles can be added at only $9.75 per student and it features:

  • Highlighting capabilities
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech tool
  • Drop down calculator
  • Formulas with equation editor
  • 45 day reusable licenses
  • Translation tool for multiple languages

Contact PrepPath today to start enhancing your HSE Center and helping your students achieve  their best.



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