PrepPath Video Tutorials: Learn How You Can Support Your Students

Posted by on February 25th, 2019

PrepPath is an essential tool for teachers preparing students for the High School Equivalency exam.  There are many ways to learn today how PrepPath can help teachers support their students, including a collection of highly detailed and easy to follow video tutorials showing the many facets and functions of PrepPath.  Here are the videos you can watch right now to discover how PrepPath is a key tool to helping your students find success:


Create an Education Program to Support All Your Students

This video will help you discover how PrepPath is an essential tool to preparing your students for the High School Equivalency exam. This carefully crafted and highly detailed video will highlight how assessment tools combined with customized reporting can quickly identify students’ strengths and weaknesses to expedite the learning process.


PrepPath Product Demonstration

PrepPath offers a comprehensive tool designed to break down educational barriers and empower your students. This video explores the many ways PrepPath can be an essential tool for educators. This video is an opportunity to discover the many facets of the program and why you’ll want to start using it in your classroom today.


Making Material Accessible via Electronic Delivery

One of the most important features of PrepPath is how it can be easily implemented with educators’ current crafted lesson plans. Rather than having to learn and develop a new system, teachers can use the tools offered through PrepPath and combine and supplement them with what they are already using. With this video learn to develop personal content and design questions with images, audio and video to supplement your existing assignments.


Learn how you can support your students on the path to High School Equivalency with all of these free video tutorials found at https://www.preppath.com/high-school-equivalency-test-resources.html


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