PrepPath’s New Features & Enhancements – March 2019

Posted by on March 26th, 2019

PrepPath is excited to announce these updates to help teachers.

Profile Survey

No one likes to receive a lot of emails and communication about topics that really don’t apply to them. To help improve communication about new PrepPath features and content that will be useful for you, we have added Profile Categories to your account settings to allow you to select your Position(s), Grade Level(s) and Content Area(s) each year. We will use those settings to tailor future communication to match the settings you have selected.

You will be prompted to select your Profile Categories now and when you log in the first time each school year and you may also update them at any time by clicking on the Profile option on the Home Page and expanding Select Profile Categories under Advanced Settings.

Filters for CR Grading

When using Grade CR to score Constructed Response (CR) questions, you can now apply filters to view student’s answers based the answer Status and Score. This makes it much easier for you to find the answers you still need to score without having to scroll through all answers. The new filter options are:

·       All Answers

·       Answered / Not Scored

·       Inprogress / Not Scored

·       Scored

·       Not Answered

In addition, there is a checkbox to hide rows with answers for questions that are part of an Automated Retake.

Keyword Search for Flashcard Assignments

You can now search for vocabulary to add to your Flashcard assignments using our new Vocabulary Keyword Search option which searches for a match on the Vocabulary Term and within the Vocabulary Definition. You may then filter the search results by Content Area, Levels, Topics, etc. and you may add terms directly to your assignment or to a Flashcard Set and then to your assignment.

PrepPath is continually creating ways to improve each educator’s experience. These new functions will save time and help you create assignments that are engaging for your students.

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