Prison Entrepreneurial Programs: How Adult Ed Can Help

Posted by on October 22nd, 2018

When it comes to education in prison, programs that inspire and show prisoners their potential in real world occupations can go a long way to changing attitudes and expectations for the better. After being released from prison, it can be very difficult to find work, however, with a foundational entrepreneurial program while in prison, there is more hope.  

These programs can teach prisoners new working skill sets that translate to potential jobs and careers they may seek once released. However, when combined with a well-rounded adult education program, there are even more benefits. Prisoners who use their time in correctional facilities to continue their education can develop key skills that can enhance their lives.

Here are some of the benefits that adult education can give to incarcerated individuals:

  • A more positive outlook on society.  Finding themselves in a learning environment can help these students feel more connected to society at large, as well as be open to new ideas and possibilities to help inspire them to re-enter a society they can respect.


  • A more positive outlook on their own future.  Learning functional skills for jobs and careers as well as building on their foundational education can help them find a stronger sense of purpose and confidence that they can use toward planning for a better future once they’re released.

Whether it’s preparing for their HSE or overall education while in prison, PrepPath offers incarcerated students the opportunities they need to succeed.  Find out today how PrepPath can help with any prison entrepreneurial adult education program today by emailing [email protected]


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