Reading Sets Available in Spanish

Posted by on March 16th, 2018

Did you know that PrepPath has 40 of its English reading sets translated into Spanish?

We do! Not only have we translated the passages, we’ve also translated the questions, hints, and reasons too!  And everyday we’re working on adding more! Here is how you can check to see if the reading set is available in Spanish

Here is a list of the titles and levels of the passages that have currently been translated into Spanish. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!

Level of Passage Passage Name
A Beach I
A Animal Habitats I
A Frogs I
A The Sun I
A Long Island Hiking Trails I
B Earth Day II
B Presidents of the US II
B Favorite Sports II
B State Birds & Flowers II
B Healthy Foods I
C Allergic to Cats
C The Little Ice Skater
C Getting In
C Anne Sullivan I
C The Three Squirrels II
D Hand Talking
D A Newt’s Tale
D The Excuse
D The World’s Largest Library
D Diamonds I
E The History of Money
E Fundraisers
E The Ride
E Animal Eyes
E Jacob Riis and The Power of Pictures
F Open Your Eyes and Enjoy The Ride
F Mystery in The Morning
F Islandia
F Memorial Day
F A Pirate’s Life For Me!
G Regeneration
G City Remembrances
G Shipwrecks
G The Getaway
G How Dog Joined The Family/Wolves and Dogs
G Cousteau
H The Owl and the Fire
H The Oldest Game in America
H The Two Brothers
H Metaphors
H The High Cost of Driving
K The Modern Slave
K Acid Rain
K Creativity
K The Canning Process
K Slave Escape
L Libraries
L The Marshall Plan
L Forest Fires
L Manatees
L Snowmobiling


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