Study Guide for the Math Portion of the HSE Exam

Posted by on April 14th, 2016

Mathematics skills are strengthened through practice. While preparing for the math portion of high school equivalency (HSE) tests, students should have numerous opportunities to review and practice skills. Through a combination of classroom activities, online resources and practice tests students will be well prepared for success on their HSE exams.


Classroom Activities

Provide classroom support through the use of varying activities. The activities give students an opportunity to practice skills and make their own connections to the material beyond lectures, note taking and worksheets.



Allow your students lots of hands on practice with manipulatives. Manipulatives can be used to demonstrate basic math facts along with bringing clarity to more complex concepts such as area.


Life Practice

Choose activities that allow students to practice their math skills in scenarios that relate to their real life. For instance, percentages correlate well with discounts and shopping. Perimeter and area concepts can be applied in situations related to apartment, or home, purchase and decorating. Show students how particular notions are useful in life.


Multi-media Presentations

Enhance the math classroom through the use of multi-media. Instead of just teaching a concept, allow students to watch videos or hear songs demonstrating the concepts. Encourage students to create their own presentations and share their knowledge. Their retention will be reinforced through the delivery and explanation to others.


Online Resources

A number of online resources have emerged over the years enabling students to practice math concepts. From tutorial videos to interactive activities to games, students have the opportunity to practice skills and review concepts that may be a challenge for them. Online resources are additionally resourceful because they are available to students outside of the classroom. Students can access the online resources at home, libraries or other places in the community with a computer and internet connection. A few sources of online math practice include:


Practice Tests

Practice tests are extremely helpful for students as a part of preparation. Practice tests allow students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the format and content of the test. In addition, you can simulate the testing environment so that your students become more comfortable with the expectations. The practice test results also give insight into areas where students may need additional support or practice. Practice tests can be found here:


Many parts come together to prepare students for HSE math success. Activities such as manipulatives in classrooms coupled with an online tutorial provides learners with multiple touch points for a particular concept. The practice test is an extension that allows students to see the concepts they have been practicing as worded for the exam. In all, the combination of classroom activities, online resources and practice tests creates a well-rounded study program to address student needs.


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