Summer Planning Guide for Teachers

Posted by on July 2nd, 2019

Teachers should remember that above all, summer is a time to recharge. Don’t let the weeks get away from you without taking advantage of this precious time. Attend barbecues, relax at a beach or poolside with a good book. See movies. Go to concerts. Spend time with loved ones…

In between activities, take advantage of those lazy summer days to prepare for the new school year. Here are effective ways to get ahead and be ready to excel when the glorious summer break ends and it’s time to return to the classroom.  

Assess and Reflect 

Before diving into plans for the new school year, take time to look back at the previous year to determine what worked well for you and what could improve. Be honest with yourself. If there are areas to improve, it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming. If you wrote down goals last summer, compare them to what you achieved over the year. Clarify what was accomplished and what you will continue to strive for. 


After reviewing previous goals,update the list for the upcoming school year. Be honest and create achievable goals that will continue to help you improve your overall teaching methods. Inspire yourself to help make next school year your best yet.  

Macro Planning 

Now that your year-long goals have been plotted, begin to break the curriculum down for the entire year. Estimate how long different units will take and where they fit best in the year long plan. Document key concepts and skills you want to be sure to cover within each unit.

First Week and Month

Next, carve out time to develop your lesson plans for the first week of school to give yourself the breathing room necessary to handle all of the first days of school housekeeping and classroom management required. If you have the time, planning the entire first month will ensure you start ahead of the game and prepare you to be ahead for the entire year.   

Remember, don’t let school year planning overwhelm you. It’s still your summer vacation and you deserve it. Take advantage of the lightened workload and make sure you are caring for yourself. The next school year is right around the corner… You need the rest to be the best!

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