Text to Speech: How PrepPath Makes Teaching More Efficient

Posted by on May 10th, 2018

PrepPath offers many tools and components to make teaching more efficient. The Text To Speech option has proven to be invaluable. Text to Speech is a function that ensures learners of all abilities can comprehend educational content. The feature takes the text on the screen and reads it aloud.


Listening Comprehension


Students who read below grade-level struggle to comprehend written text. Text to Speech removes that barrier by allowing students to hear the information they need to learn. They can also review the text as many times as necessary to ensure complete understanding.


Foreign Language


Learning a new language requires immersion in both reading and listening. The tool gives English Language Learners more ways to do assignments and learn the new language. It’s also a key component in teaching foreign language units. PrepPath gives students the option to listen to passages and hear the language.


Different Learning Abilities


Some students excel with auditory learning while others are more visual learners. Text To Speech allows teachers to differentiate assignments to engage and challenge all students. The choice of learning modes provides the best combinations and ultimately the best opportunities for learning. Students with learning disabilities get the options they need to feel better about their ability to succeed in the classroom.


As the technological landscape continues to evolve in education, the need to have multiple options to obtain content is becoming essential. Text To Speech continues to be one of the most important tools teachers use on PrepPath to ensure their lessons, assignments, and assessments are working as efficiently as possible for students.








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