The Latest Trends In Teacher Professional Development

Posted by on July 23rd, 2018

The mark of a high quality teacher is one who constantly challenges themselves to learn and explore the newest methods of the profession. Many schools and programs offer opportunities for teachers to continue their professional growth with programs and courses. Teachers are also finding avenues to continue their learning in classes outside of school as well as online. What follows are some of the latest trends that educators are learning about and bring to their own classrooms.

Students as Creators

More and more classroom education is being led to put the experience of learning in the hands of the students.  Discovery and problem solving are part of the process as students actually create working technology. It’s not just theories, but rather practice and execution that is shaping the learning process. Computers, online output, and devices such a 3-D printers allow students to fully oversee the creation of working notions that can be put into use. Their education creates concrete results.  Teachers who utilize this new wave of output in their classroom will be ahead of the curve.

Teachers as Consultants

The standard teacher-centric classroom model is being moved away from and students are less and less likely to find themselves being lectured to.  Instead, more freestyle learning environments are becoming the classrooms of the future, where students move freely from work stations to learn, discover and practice at their own pace.  Teachers are facilitators, setting the students in motion, monitoring and being there to coach students through their learning paths. Students are encouraged to explore in creative and comfortable spaces, where a teacher is with them to help them follow their path to understanding.

Authentic Learning

Teachers are now encouraged to lead students through practical experiences.  Students are highly encouraged in this model to actually try their hand at new skills, and explore potential vocations. The act of doing and learning from these experiences allows students to collect the foundational skills they need to excel in various career paths after their schooling has ended.  The authentic learning allows teachers to instruct and lead students through real-world application of their skills.

What are some trends you are excited about in your own professional development?   


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