Tips on Staying Fit While Teaching Full Time

Posted by on January 13th, 2017

Maintaining a full-time job as an educator requires a lot of time and energy. Your time is not limited to just classroom instruction, but requires additional time outside of the classroom in lesson preparation and assignment review. This workload can leave any individual extremely tired, especially coupled with other life responsibilities. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps to combat stress and increase energy levels. Once you are operating at your best, you and your students will benefit from your improved mood and stamina. Implement a healthy lifestyle with a few simple steps.


Plan Meals Ahead of Time – A busy schedule makes it extremely tempting to just grab food as it is convenient. Unfortunately, many of these faster options are not always the healthiest choice. Planning your meals in advance ensures that you choose healthier options more frequently. One of the easiest ways to begin the transition of your diet is by packing your lunch daily, or at least a few times per week. Pack healthy snacks to help you curb cravings and avoid the vending machine during the day.


Get Moving Throughout the Day – Take advantage of opportunities throughout the day to get moving. Accomplish this by taking stairs instead of elevators and become more active in your classroom by walking during your instruction. Going for a walk during your breaks is also another way to increase physical activity throughout the day.


Set an Exercise Schedule – Make exercise a priority by setting a schedule. A designated, consistent workout time each week makes you less likely to skip a workout. Scheduling also helps exercise become part of your routine. In addition to scheduling your workouts, consider scheduling your meals. Doing so will ensure that you are keeping a consistent amount of nutrients within your system throughout the day.


Identify Convenient Workout Locations – Working out at home is always a possibility, though sometimes being at home makes it harder to stick to a consistent schedule. Instead, locate convenient workout locations to accommodate you. You might have access to a gym on your school’s campus, at a nearby park or community center or a gym along your daily travel route. Another option beyond the walls of home may be a fitness facility located within your neighborhood.


Keep Workout Gear Nearby – If you choose to workout away from home, keep your gym bag packed and ready to go. Packing your bag the night before workout day and loading it in the car will help avoid not being prepared and having to skip a workout. At the very least, keep your sneakers available to capitalize on taking a walk as time permits.


Living a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a full-time role as an instructor is not impossible. Intentional, yet simple choices and advanced planning can easily become part of your daily routine. The benefits of eating healthier and becoming more active will reveal themselves in the way you feel physically and emotionally. When you feel good, you perform well. Your students will also benefit from your increased job performance. You will likely be more pleasant and more engaging in your interactions and presentation.



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