What the New PrepPath Reusable License Feature Means for HSE Preparation

Posted by on April 27th, 2016

When it comes to preparing adult students for the HSE exam, instructors and administrators can face a lot of challenges along the way. Whether it’s due to a lack of funding, absenteeism or attrition, this can create plenty of headaches and complications. That’s why PrepPath has recently introduced a reusable license feature to create a program that’s more efficient and cost-effective. Here’s a brief overview of this feature and the benefits it can have for your HSE program.


A Recurring Problem


We’ve found that when it comes to adult students preparing for the HSE exam, there is a considerable transient population. In many cases, only a fraction of the initial students who are invited for orientation actually complete the program. Regardless of the specific reason, this rate of absenteeism created an issue that desperately needed to be addressed.


There needed to be a reusable license concept where a license can be reused one time within a reasonable window to help with the transient population. There also needed to be a way for organizations such as homeless shelters and educational outreach programs with limited funding to make their money go further.  


A Viable Solution – A 45 Day Reusable License


To remedy this situation, PrepPath came up with a solution where there’s a window of 45 days for a license to be reused. Christy Williams of PrepPath states, “We kept our window at what we feel is a fair amount of time – a month and half. If a person comes into the program and is successful in six weeks, that’s great. But you know what? You bought the license, so if you need to reuse it within that six weeks, so be it.”


How Does it Work?


The concept is fairly simple and straightforward. What happens is the initial user gets deleted from the system as long as they vacated the program, and they’re not using the license in that 45 day window – but it can only be reused one time. This way, organizations can get more bang for their buck, and less money should be squandered when students drop out.  


The Usefulness of the License


Georgia Dusckas of Jefferson-Lewis BOCES in Watertown, New York can attest to effectiveness of a 45 day reusable license. According to her, “Absenteeism and attrition run rampant in adult education, and we’re constantly bringing in new students. Unfortunately, we’re unable to keep all of them, which creates a serious problem in terms of purchasing licenses. But with PrepPath, we can reuse a license even if a student has already used it, which has served as an effective solution to an ongoing problem.”


With over 1,500 pre-designed assignments and the ability to seamlessly track student progress, this puts instructors and administrators in the driver’s seat. And when you consider the fact that adult education doesn’t receive traditional funding like secondary schools, this can ease the financial burden on organizations significantly.


The advent of the reusable license feature means some positive changes for HSE preparation. If you’ve been looking for a more efficient and financially feasible way to prepare your adult students for their exams, this option is definitely something to consider.  


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