Working Toward Literacy: How to Overcome The Barriers

Posted by on August 29th, 2019

For the adult learner, overcoming the barriers of literacy is crucial to their success. For so many adults returning to the classroom, many of their past educational problems stem from their struggles with the foundational skill sets of reading and writing.The benefits of literacy reach beyond the classroom, as it can improve the lives of the learner in their work, their civic engagement and in preventative actions to avoid committing crimes or engaging in dangerous activities. Without literacy, the warning signs can be missed, and deeper social issues can become the norm.  It’s not just about reading and writing to gain a diploma, it’s about being better equipped to live a better, safer life.   

To begin a literacy program with adult learners, the first step is to assess the needs of the individual students. Once a teacher knows what skills are in place, or what foundations need to be started, a program can be designed to reach the objectives of the class. This will allow teachers to select an appropriate reading curriculum and identify areas that need more attention and assist students to reach out for the help they need, whether from the teacher or even through tutoring programs.  Teaching strategies will depend on the students and how they are progressing in the class.  

Identifying the student’s barriers to literacy is part of the way towards successfully building needed skills.  Understanding a student’s background, whether it was growing up in an environment where there was no access to books, or educated adults to help foster skills at home, poverty, or undiagnosed learning difficulties all contribute to illiteracy. By identifying the reasons why students are in need of literacy education will help teachers foster the lessons they need, and help students find their path to success.  

PrepPath offers a free ebook called Working Toward Literacy: How to Overcome the Barriers

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With this book, you can read about and understand the distinct obstacles illiterate adults face, and learn specific strategies to help your students overcome those challenges. Learn to grasp how to truly reach and motivate your students to want the success that is within their reach.

Key Points Include: 

  • The Importance and Benefits of Literacy
  • Getting Started with Your Student
  • Common Frustrations During the Learning Process
  • Barriers, Strategies and Solutions
  • Mastery Before Advancement – Areas of Focus
  • Developing a Literacy Toolkit

Download your copy today.  

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